June 27, 2008

Another week has ended!

These past few days just went like a movie in fast forward mode! And tomorrow, I'll be going to Quezon for some refreshments! Hope I enjoy my tour! And after that, we'll be swapping BAto Resort at San Pablo, Laguna. Never been there but they say it's like Hidden Valley in Alaminos. Hope they say are true things! Well, I'll just leave you with some of my photos with friends earlier before we went home in school!

My tropapeepz (Ilyn, Zarah, Florence, Ralph(Below), Jayson and Luis) of course I shot the photo so I wont be in it!

And now with me(leftmost). I am so proud of this photo because I can see what people have been telling me that I have slimmed an amount since last semester.

Have a great and blasting weekend everyone! God Bless us all!

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