June 17, 2008

New Books

Well, just this day, I have bought three new books for three subjects this semester. We are somewhat pissed for these 'requirement' books because they do cost a lot! Though little by little, as you sum everything up, you can really see how heavy it is for the pocket. But of course, it will be up to me to bring these leaves to waste. If ever I would 'use' it, the invested money can even be priceless for all the learnings I can get.

Yesterday, I bought one, System Analysis and Design at National Bookstore. While just this morning, I bought Statistics Worktext and Physics Laboratory Manual. Then I went home and passed, as I usually do, at SM Dasmariñas to buy another book, Modern Database Management. I just hope I can put these to use and not just for additional points and get away from deductions.

System Analysis and Design by Kendall & Kendall (Covered with Puerto Rico Travel Add) and Elementary Statistics by Zamora-Reys and Ladao-Saren.

Physics Laboratory Manual by Perez, Manelab and Crisostomo and Modern Database Management by Hoffer, Prescott and McFadden.

I always prefer covering my books with plastic covers to prolong its cover life and sometimes, travel mag adds to inspire me to do well in school hoping that someday, I can fly to these places if I do a great job on my Degree. And I also wish I wouldn't have to suffer such bone malfunctions and injuries due to the exesive weight that my shoulders would have to bear just to bring these heavy books to our classrooms everyday from home!

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