June 22, 2008

No Classes!

Well, I'm a lot better now compared to yesterday! Thanks to all your prayers! Especially those from my CDPB Friends! Now, another of my Prayers have been answered! Due to stormy Signal No. 2, there will be no Classes for us tomorrow! It's not just the fact that we'll not go to school tomorrow makes us happy but the fact that our assignment in System Analysis and Design that is truly hard to search will be extended till our next meeting! And our next meeting besides tomorrow will be on Friday so the work's time will be extended. I can still ask some help for sites to find the examples of Information Systems from my Classmates.

Before I go, I would like to share everyone this photo shot a week ago on my nephew's birthday. I've been bored a moment earlier so I decided to enhance the photo. Hope you don't find it dreadful.

"Memories are the Best treasures you can have for a long time without having the anxiety of it being stolen" - Steven Que

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