June 18, 2008

What a day!

Such a short and tiring one! 100% wasted with the sun and the rain! Just like my post on Cavite Daily Photo for this day entitled, Tired of the Weather (Click on the link to view post), the heat was excrusiating this noon! I just hate it! We only have one class every wednesday, VB.Net. And before I went home, I met with the LCS Officers for some things to do. It was fun to be with BCS31 friends again. I barely have seen them since Last Semester especially Laurice and Joan. Here are some of the photos of my friends from the neighboring section.

From left: Laurice (LCS Vice President), Jam (LCS President), and Charmaine (LCS Asst. Secretary)

The Black and White Effect jam requested!

Another BIG thing happened to me this day! It was my first ever vaccine I can remember throughout my whole life. My father wanted me to have a flu vaccine! Thanks to him and to Dr. Lopez, my cousin who did the injection! Honestly I was not that nervous because I always see my mom doing it for her Renal Medications. But of course, doing it myself, forget it!

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