September 1, 2008

Hello Everybody!

The Philippines have been not so well these past months. Fare hike, rice price hike, everything seems to enjoy a hike on Mt. Pesos! I just hope that everyone around the world is doing great! Cavite Daily Photo has been revived because I am doing my best now after the thought of having this great oppurtunity to bring my Province to the world in my own way and meeting such great people has been very overwhelming!

God Bless us all and Semestral break is getting near! I just hope I'll have a smooth ride till the end of this Term and my grades would fly high in Brilliant colors!

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  1. Sa SEMBREAK... For sure ay may adventure na naman ako...

    Lets adventure!

  2. Same here in Malaysia. Inflation is going on everywhere. Some people cant even afford to buy rice now.

  3. Everything is going up here too. Isn't it lovely that we're all in this together? Heh.

  4. Could you add the "Follow this Blog" feature?

  5. Hi. First time dropping by here. I saw your comment from one of my followers.

    A compatriot from the Oasis capital of UAE..Al Ain city, Abu Dhabi.

    It is with great sadness that Philippines is suffering from tremendous calamities and political issues but I believe that if every Filipino will stand together and help each other, we will overcome the crisis.

    Keep blogging. Have a wonderful day.


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