November 30, 2008

La Union - March 2008

From now on, This blog will share features from my travels before and in my coming trips. I have been inspired to remake my blog by my friend JM's travelling, from Portugal and I am inviting you to visit his adventures on over 40 countries that are super beautiful and these countries are not the common ones, many of them are the most hidden paradises on this earth. Still, I'm 18, so my travel experiences are just limited to my own country, The Philippines. But I really hope you enjoy my experiences as much as I am hoping to visit YOUR Country sometime!

These are some of my photos on my La Union Experience, 9 hours north of Manila by bus. It was a beautiful province and we have been there for Visita Iglesia, a tradition of the way of the cross and visiting many churches to pray and contemplate during the holy week. Hope you guys enjoy the photos!


  1. Hello Steven, thank you for leaving a message on my blog! It's been a long time, I am glad to meet again!


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