September 25, 2009

Planning on the CONFERENCE Room.

After our Operating System Concepts class this afternoon, me and my groupmate on the Art Appreciation Presentation had a meeting on the Conference room near the Library. It was really full of fun because all of us are very good friends on the group. We started to talk almost every aspect of our presentation. But we are wondering why are we scolded and scolded and scolded saying that we create too much noise! Too much ios a very big word as for me and by the way, HELLO!!! What is a CONFERENCE ROOM for?

Then I got home with my Ate Judy and Rjay. We ate at Red Ribbon and I've had a Lasagne that is smaller than it's Garlic Bread! As we arrived, it was raining and up until now! I went to the Plaza earlier with my Yeya and bought some props for tomorrows Props Preparation. I am really excited because it is really going to be another fun-filled meeting but we are sure of one thing, we shall never have the CONFERENCE conducted on the CONFERENCE ROOM.

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