September 26, 2009

The Rain came down and the Flood came up!

Well just as the Sunday School Song about the wise man building his house upon a rock became realistic for the past 8 hours here in the Heart of the Country! Streets and even Homes become flooded with rainwater! In our case, the Dam near our Place went full and so the water cannot rush through the river and went to the streets. A lot of people have been stranded even some friends! Until now, though the flood eventually came down here at General Trias, it is still raining and raining. Thanks be to God that it didn't went inside our house and our warehouse because if it did, It will be very harsh for our Hardware since the Cements will harden and will be put to waste. Please pray for our country and the Filipino people! I really hope everything turns out good after this storm.

By the way, I was really really happy because I have reformatted my Laptop. It is so slow that I decided to reformat it. Though it was my first time to do so, I am really Thankful for Acer eRecovery Management's Restore Factory Default Settings and to Ms. Kathleen Lumandas for guiding me through the simple steps. Now I do enjoy a faster laptop though all my applications were washed out with the flood, now I need a Microsoft Office 2007. God Bless us all!

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