September 29, 2009

A Sigh that will last FOUR days...

Well, I give a very long sigh for being so relieved because we don't have classes till October 1st. I can never say it's fun and happy because the upcoming "Couple" Tropical Depression is about to set foot on Philippine shores. I just hope they become gentle because a lot of Filipinos are not yet coping up with their current situations due to Ondoy. But we were relieved because our Proposal Defense for Technical Writing Class will be postponed but, There will be a one week extension of classes for this current semester!

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day if ever if it doesn't rain because I will be meeting up with my groupmates to do some props and dry runs of our Art Appreciation Presentation! I am sure it will be very fun because all of us in the group are close friends so it will be an enjoyable moment! May God bless us all! And let us pray for the victims of Ondoy not just here in the philippines but also in Vietnam.

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