September 28, 2009

An Unexpected Road Trip!

Well the Day started at around 7:30 am as Me and my High School and Closest Friends Ate Judy, Rjay, Myrcel and Gerome went to Jollibee at Tanza, Cavite just to eat Breakfast. But Then the Unexpected Trip started when we decided to Go the the next town, Naic. Here is my countdown for the Top 5 Cavite Towns we went on Earlier:

1. Tanza, Cavite - A coastal Town Located Just beside General trias, facing the South China Sea is famous for its beaches. A lot of Families flock out here every weekends to unwind by the sea. But during the Holy Week, a big number of families from the Country's Capital, Manila spend their Easter here by the beaches of Tanza. This is the first Town we went on to have breakfast. As you can see on my Picture with my friend Myrcel, we are beside my friend, Gerome's owner type jeep which we used for this Unforgettable trip!

2. Naic, Cavite - The first "Upland Cavite" Town from Tanza and was our second Town on our Road Trip. The Town is famous for its slightly cooler climate and beautiful high streets and colonial type houses which is really good for film shootings. On the Photo is Judy, RJay, Myrcel and Me on the Naic Church's Garden. The Immaculate Conception Parish for me, personally, is one of the most beautiful Parishes on the province and the whole CALABARZON. The rain came down on the road to Naic but it stopped as we leave the church.

3. Trece Martirez City - Our third stop! We were quite nervous on the road from Naic to Trece because we are not familiar with the road connecting the town to the City. But eventually, with our tour guide Myrcel, the anxiety was all gone and pure enjoyment was left. Our eyes were filled by the beautiful scenery. We went to St. Jude Parish and we took some pictures on the Trece Martirez Shrine (Thirteen Martyrs in Spanish) which is a Historical shrine dedicated to the Martyrs of Cavite during the Spanish Era. Me, Rjay and Myrcel joined them on this shot!

4. Amadeo, Cavite - After we went down at Trece, we moved up to the Next town, Amadeo. This is one of my Favorite Towns on the Province for its lush greens, very cool climate and all the fruits and coffee you can eat and drink! We passed by my friends house, Kathleen Lumandas, to borrow the MS Office Installer and she was quite shocked by our Road Trip! (Thanks Katie for the Installer!) Then we went to the Town Proper to visit the Parish. It was a beautiful parish as well but it was closed that time so all we did was took pictures beside the church. As we move farther up to Tagaytay City, the Rain came very hard on us and we decided to go back Home.

5. General Trias, Cavite - Home Sweet home as it was! We stopped by our friend, Myrcel's House for Lunch and Rest as we went home. The traffic was really long due to Barangay Tapia's Barangay Fiesta Karakol. It was a fun sight to see but we overtook the road for us to arrive home faster.

This was really an unforgettable experience with my Friends! Friends are really the treasures that someone must learn to take care of. They are easy to find but the true ones, will take Years and even a Century (in our case) to know each oother and prove how much they are worthy of each other and for each other. I love my friends and I hope we all learn to love our friends because at the end of the day, even money will be worthless as compared to friends!

By the way, I would like to invite you all to visit Cavite Daily Photo and see my come back post! It was quite a while since I have last posted there! Daily Photo Blogging has been popular to Photo and Travel enthusiast like me for years and counting. My Blog is a member of City Daily Photo which is the Portal of all Daily Photo Blogs (Approved by the Board) in the World. You can check them by visiting my Blog and look for links on my Cavite Daily Photo's sidebar. Have a great day tomorrow, too bad we have classes resumed already! God Bless us all and please continue to pray for the Filipinos affected by Typhoon Ondoy.

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