November 3, 2009

My Grandfather's Grave

November 3, 2009

Photo taken last November 1st

This is my Grandfather "Sam's" Grave. He died when I was still 11 years old. Though, all I can remember are good things and memories whenever I think of him. He was truly a very good grandfather for me and also to my cousins as well. He went to the Philippines from his Native China when he was still a teenager. He met my Grandmother and they had 7 children (4 Boys and 3 Girls). We really miss him but we are very sure He's in a better place.

Every November 1, Filipinos flock to their loved once's cemeteries to remember and pray for them. This time also calls for a reunion of all the family members with respect to their deceased loved ones. A very Filipino tradition dating from the Spanish era.

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