January 12, 2010


72 Days to go...

Well, I'm very very Happy this week to be informed of the three out of five Preliminary grades.

Subject Grade(4.00 =100, 1.0 = 60, 0.0 = F)
Economics 4.00
Graph Theory 3.50
Automata Theory 3.25

The other Two Grades: C# and Philippine Constitution is up for the coming days.

And the best thing that happened today is of course, (together with completing no. 76 of my 100 things to do List) Finally Decide on whom to vote for 2010. I am proud to announce, after studying all the candidates, that my one vote will go to Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon. He did very well in all his works politically or just simply on helping the Filipino People cope up with the problems and calamities that we encounter. Just look at what He did to Subic! And if He would have the chance, He can do it again, TO THE PHILIPPINES! I also like his motivation that in order for change, it is not necessary to just change the leaders but change ourselves! Stand up and be an asset for the country! BAWAL ANG TAMAD as He said.

GORDON 2010!

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