January 13, 2010

Miracles Happen

Well it has been a long day! Went to school at around 1 in the afternoon and arrived at about 2:10 pm. Then after like 30 minutes, we went inside the Computer Lab and our professor jutted things on the whiteboard. the GUI and some requirements of what we would be doing for the next two and a half hours. Well it was worky since we would have to use arrays instead of Databases so testing and debugging ten student records require encoding each and every record every test that we would run! But Believe it or not, I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!! For the first time on our C# Class that I had fun! Our Professors is slowly and slowly turning cooler this past two days. Though the computations of our Preliminaries were wrong so giving of Grades were moved until Monday!

7 am class again tomorrow! May we all be blessed and guided by God Almighty!

PS. I really really want to revive Cavite Daily Photo. For people wondering what it is? visit http://cavitedailyphoto.blogspot.com Hope to bring it back very very soon :D

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