January 24, 2010

2010 Presidential Poll Results

After a whole week that my Poll has been on, here are the results:

1.GORDON, Richard 20 votes 50%
2.AQUINO, Benigno III 8 votes 20%
3. VILLAR, Manuel 7 votes 17%
4. TEODORO, Gilbert 4 votes 10%
5. ESTRADA, Joseph 1 vote 2%
6. MADRIGAL, Jamby 0 votes 0%

It goes to show that people start to think and stand up to what they think and not just who is popular or they are just going with the flow. I just hope whoever wins this coming elections would be truly deserving. Even if He/She is popular or not, unless he can make the Change that our country needs, then we shall all be proud of him and of ourselves for choosing the right President.

62 Days to Go before my Graduation Day! God Bless the Philippines :D

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