January 6, 2010


Okay, So I started the whole day watching the rest of the episodes of America's Next Top Model 12. Then I went to school at around 1:30 in the afternoon for my single 2:30 pm 3 hour Programming class. I arrived at around 2:40 and yah, I was late. I don't usually get late in class, all my college life, there were just like 6 times I was late for class. But then I saw all my classmates still chatting on the Huts in front of MT Hall. Then after like 15 minutes, we were called by the teacher of the other half of the class to tell us all that our Professor will not arrive, VERY NICE!!! The thing that I hate the most is going to school, after a three our jeepney ride, to find out that the teacher is not around, SUCH A WASTE OF TIME, MONEY, ENERGY AND EVERYTHING!!! I'm sorry to tell ut our teacher is one reason why I hated c# so much! If only this was not a requirement for Graduation I would not waste my everything going every Monday and Wednesday to school! Well, There's just two months left and I have got to nail every subject including C#! Then I went home, arrived at 7 pm, ate and...

...continued watching the Finale of America's Next Top Model Cycle 12 which I started last night (12 episodes, Yes, I always tend to get addicted to these reality shows). And I was really really happy that the one girl I noticed from the very very beginning, Allison, made it to the Final 2! I never ever expected it with all her competition! The girls that I notice on the very first episodes or the call backs always make it to the final five, and she was the one that made it the farthest I may say! I mean, look at her! I always root for those that are different among all the bunch and look at her transformation! From this stiff, corpse-looking vampire from Transylvania, to this gorgeous, wide eyed model! Even if she did not win, I'm still very proud of her, she'll always be one of my Favorites!

But the bad thing that happened today, just minutes after watching the finale, I began searching about Allison on the CW websites and of course, wikipedia.org. I was scanning through the page then I saw this list of winners and I saw Cycle 13's winner! I HATE IT! I WAS SPOILED!!! I was actually going to watch the whole season this coming Saturday but, yah, I'm still gonna watch but the anxiety attack that normally happens to me, every finale will take a break till Cycle 14 I guess, I HOPE...

7 am class again tomorrow! That means I'll be leaving at around 5:30 am again!!! See you all tomorrow! 82 DAYS TO GO TILL THE BIG DAY!!!

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