February 6, 2010

GORDON and Gibo on DLSU-D

Me and Senator Dick Gordon

8 Presidentiables , 2 Brave Candidates, 1 School. Our University, De La Salle University - Dasmariñas, held the DLSU-D Presidential Forum 2010 this afternoon and Sec. Gibo Teodoro and Senator Richard Gordon attended out of all the Presidentiables. Students were informed by their aspirations for the country and we were all enlightened.

I would have to admit that Gibo was also great but of course, nothing beats Gordon. He is just so inspiring especially to young people like me! He never left us feeling idle but every after statement he says, he always end up being appluaded vigorously! I am very sure now that I had, and I will have the RIGHT CHOICE for the Country GORDON-BAYANI 2010!!!

I am very very Happy that my Candidate was there and I got to meet and talk to him face to face! ANIMO LA SALLE!!! ANIMO PILIPINAS!!!

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