April 12, 2010

Ilocandia Tour (Bangui Windmills and Bojeador Lighthouse)

After Pagudpud, we went directly to Bangui Windmills. It is composed of 20 Gigantic Windmills, initiated last 2008, that supports almost 40% of Ilocos Norte's Electricity which is of big help to the People of the Whole Province. It is Officiated by Mr. Bong-Bong Marcos, its former Governor and is currently running for Senator on this May Elections.

As we went to Pagudpud, we already passed them by and by first sight, I felt so much Joy within. Seeing it with my very eyes is completely different from viewing it on Internet Photos and TV ads! And when we got there, of course, it is very much windy yet we are very fortunate that there are just a few number of visitors. We even bought small replicas of the Windmills and I really really like and which I can use for my upcoming Pinoy Christmas Village! Here are some photos of me and my friends at the windmills.

Me in front of the humongous windmills of Bangui

The Crazy girls Lea, Judy, Myrcel and Ivy.

Fixing my Camera. The Pebbles feels so warm yet so good

The whole Pack. My brother Wilson, Cousin Judy, Ivy, Lea, Myrcel and your Captain

One of the Five Story high Windmills
After immersing ourselves to the magic blown by the Mills, we went straight to the Town of Burgos, where the most amazing Lighthouse is watching over the coast of Ilocos Norte. It is a more-than-a-Hundred-Year-old lighthouse, Spanish Era Made, which is truly magnificent even for my third time visit. But the thing that made my visit much more different is that I did went inside and climbed upstairs. Though, I still haven't manage to get to the top unlike my friends because, yah, heights! And I actually am afraid of stairs. But I know I have to overcome these fears for a TRAVELER knows no such!

I always have a special love for Lighthouses. I remember my very first time there at Cape Bojeador and it is as well my very first time to see a real Lighthouse, I was very very happy as a child to see it! I only see Lighthouses on the Cross Stitch works my Mom did for me when I was a kid. Here are some shots of me and my friends on the Lighthouse.

The National Historic Institute Marker of the Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

The small scale model of the Lighthouse
View from the top. Doesn't it resemble the Tuscan Country side?

The Girls posing at the Base. They are actually my Classmates from Kindergarten
till High School and still one of my Best Friends.
Me and Manong Jun. The Coast Guard caretaker of the Lighthouse. Very nice Man

Stay tuned for the very last installment of my Ilocandia Escapade, VIGAN. Coming very very soon!

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