May 14, 2010

Loose Lips, Sink Ships...But still they did...

After almost three seasons watching him, I was never the Fan of Rupert Boneham, 15th Person voted out of Survivor Heroes Vs. Villains. Just as what Sandra's Line stated at the Title of this post, No one tries to attack Sandra. Yes you heard me right, Sandra, not just Russel. Russel may look like the best Player Survivor had when it comes to tactics and manipulation but his weakness just kills him, his emotions. He has been voting most of the time by his emotions and not with his mind. Unlike Sandra, what were her words? "I don't care who's going home, As long as it's not my name down there!" says Sandra to Coach.

I was truly delighted to saw the final casting of this Anniversary season when I saw Sandra Diaz-Twine's name on the list! She was truly one of my favorites together with Cirie Fields and yes, Even Russel. We were very sad last Survivor All-Stars that she wasn't able to join due to a Parasitic Disease she had during that time. And when she pulled out that Immunity necklace from her Bra, I was truly delighted that though I do know that she's not going home, I wished that she will use the Idol to prove everyone that she's a bad girl! Bad Bad Girl, well, she's a villain! When I first saw her on the Helicopter Scene at the Opening Episode I can really feel she had it in the Bag!

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains Season Finale is on in just three days! I am very excited! So Sandra, I'm rooting for you! You can do it! If ever, she will be the first Two-time titleholder of the Sole Survivor on Survivor History!

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