May 27, 2010

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors FINAL PART

So I just counted down my Top 20 till the Survivor Castaway that made it to the 6th Spot of my All Time Favorite Survivors. As I told you on the earlier parts of the series, I had a hard time deciding and finalizing my Tops 15 to 3 because they all are so close to each other when it comes to my preference but hey! I made it. And here comes my Top 5 Favorites. In Descending Order:

5. Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, Marquesas

Together with Neleh and Paschal, they've been switched up from Rotu to Maraamu and gave Maraamu and Gina they're first taste of Victory during the Show's fourth Season. She made it to the Top 3 and the final member of the Jury but was ousted out when Neleh and Vecepia made the 'negotiations' during the very long Final Immunity. Though of age, Kathy showed so much strength and true leadership until the very end. She has been a key player during her Marquesas Season which truly made her deserving of her spot on the All-Star Season at Panama.

4. Rob Cesternino, Amazon

For me, He was the very first who knew how to 'really play' the Game of Survivor. Making up alliances, remained Loyal during the start and secretly made other alliances to slowly oust his own one by one by one and that was the reason he made it to the End but sadly, not the Finals since Jenna chose Matthew over Him to take to with her to the finals. I can never ever forget the scene when he was sleeping by the tree while the others were talking secretively but one of his eyes slowly opened which proved he was not really asleep, he is gently observing.

3. Paschal English, Marqeusas

Together with Kathy and Runner-up Neleh, Paschal was the three original members of Rotu which then were switched to the Maraamu Tribe until their merge and most of all, made it till the final four. I personally think He had the title as Sole Survivor in his bag but unfortunatley, and I do mean UNFORTUNATELY, after a Tie Breaker between Neleh and Vecepia, He himself would have to partake on the drawing of colored rocks to determine who is going home. I can still remember the anxiety attack I had while the three of them gently opened their palms. The two girls both got Yellow Colored stones while He, got the Purple one which means He is out and was the second to the last member of the Jury. I always got a special interest on older Castaways because I really find them inspiring. And Paschal truly did inspire me.

2. Sandra Diaz-Twine, Pearl Islands

Okay, now on the top 2 slots, these two are undoubtedly my Top 2! No other! Why Sandra? I just love the way she plays her game! Her game is just Sandra's Game, no other Survivor can win Twice out of Two Seasons she made it to the game. Most of all, all the scheming and the stealth she used to win Survivor Pearl Islands gave her 0 out-votes which is truly amazing. And on the Heroes vs. Villains Season, I can only laugh at Russell when He said that Sandra did not do Anything and made it to the Finals! I was wondering what he felt when he saw what Sandra did to take out Coach when it was her time. Oh How I love Sandra! I'll just leave you with her Prime Principle on Playing Survivor: "I don't care who's gonna get voted out! I'll write anybody's name, UNLESS IT'S NOT ME WHO'S GOING HOME!"

1. Cirie Fields, Panama
"To everyone who's in the couch, STAY IN THE COUCH!" Those were the words of my Top Favorite Survivor Castaway Cirie Fields during the first parts of her Exile Island: Panama Season. Who would not love her? Being "Scared of Leaves", she was the very first target of the Tribe of Older women but It ended up that Tina was out and she stayed. She kicked some ass and whiled minds up until she made it to the Final Four were she was beaten out by Danielle on a Fire-making Tie Breaker. She was a big contender during that season even up until she made in on the List, the second time around when she became part of the 16th Season of Survivor, Micronesia:Fans vs. Favorites. She was part of the Notorious Tribe of women led by Parvati. I was happy she was part of the Final Three until we were all surprised that it would be a Final Two. Then again, her hopes of winning was cut out short on the very end. Again, I personally think she was going to win that very Season but Parvati got the Title and the Million Dollars. But the biggest disappointment to us Cirie Fans was her early exit during the Heroes vs. Villains Season where JT plotted against her that led to her premature Exit.

There you have it! 10 years, 20 Seasons, 20 Survivors, 20 Favorites but there can only be one of them of all time! I am very proud to be a Survivor Fan and of course, Very Thankful for the invention of the Best Social Game in the Face of the Earth, SURVIVOR! Until the next 20 Seasons!

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