May 27, 2010

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors PART I

In the lieu of the End of another Survivor Season. I would so Love to blog about my review and my feelings over the Finale but as what I hate to feel myself, I don't want to spoil any other die hards like me. So instead, in celebration of the 20th Season of Survivor, I will be counting down 20 of my Favorite Survivors. For the First Part. Survivors 20 - 16 will be counted down. Here are the ones that made the first quarter of my Favorite Twenty

PS: To get you more suspended, I reversed the order of my posts to make it in order from 20 -1! Hoe you like my list :D

20. Jerri Manthey, Australia

She has been known to be Survivor's Original Black Widow. I was not able to watch her first attempt in joining Survivor during the second season on Australia(since I started watching on the Third) but I did had a glimpse of what THE Jerri is during the All-Star Season. I can never forget the booing of the fans during the Reunion Show. But tables turned during the Last Anniversary Season where she has redeemed herself and though she will always be known as a Villain, she has shown the her heart can be a Heroic Heart as well.

19. Terry Deitz, Exile Island Panama

You might be wondering why Terry made it to my list where he is quite hated by most. Well, He was the very last La Mina Member left when he won all 5 consecutive Immunities and cruised effortlessly to the Final 3. His Perseverance and Performance despite his name always on top of the chopping block every single Tribal Council makes him get my respect

18. Eliza Orlins, Vanuatu
She was my bet to win among the most powerful All Girl Alliance after Survivor Micronesia's Pack. Well, I don't have to elaborate why I like Eliza. I just like her attitude, her personality, I just like her period.

17. Candice Woodcock, Cook Islands

The fact she had the most number of Exile on Survivor History, I really like her heroic acts. Though she failed during the last season where she was also part of the Heroes Tribe, when she believed in Russel instead of her Allies and switched with the Villains. She should have gone better on my Favorites ranking but because of that very move she did. But I still like her, I still do.

16. Shii Ann Huang, Thailand

What can I say, called herself the 'Shi-Devil'. She was the most and for me, honestly, the only remarkable Castaway during the Fifth Season on Thailand. She stood out of them all even though she did not place farther with the game. Also, she was a very important figure that resulted to Amber Brkish's win during the Survivor All-stars where Amber awarded her the Prize Car.

Well that is just the First Five of the Top Twenty Castaways I will be running down. I just Love Survivor with all my Heart. I love the game, the people, the social rambles, I JUST LOVE SURVIVOR THAT'S IT!

So Stay tuned for the next parts of this Series as I ran down the remaining Top 15 Castaways that made my list.

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