May 27, 2010

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors PART II

I have just done counting down My Favorite Survivors that made up the 20th till the 16th spot. Now It's Time for the Next five Castaways that did not make it to the Top 10. 15 - 11 Here we go:
(PS I think I changed my 3rd - 15th like a hundred times, That's how close they are to my preference)

15. Jake Billingsley, Thailand

Old man Jake from Thailand. Why did he make it on the list? Well, I have always been rooting for older people ever since I started watching Survivor during the Marquesas Season. Yup, that might give you an idea for the coming spots on my countdown. Jake has been underrated, in my opinion, throughout the show. Thailand may have brought the strongest number of older people that made it to the latter half including Jake, Jan, Clay and Helen. Also Jan, Clay and Helen may be the oldest Top 3 ever. But the thing I really like the most of Jake is despite his age, he still managed to play the game with hopes all high and being true to hos word and his alliance. Even though he knew that his former and only tribemate Penny is also gunning for him to save herself, he still did not vote for her because he remained Loyal to his tribe till the very end but it ended up that Penny went out on that very Tribal Council, earlier than him. His exit was really dramatic for me.

14. Courtney Yates, China

Who does not love Courtney? Ok, Ok, there may be few but me, I LOVE HER! Just all her side comments on every scene just makes me so laugh! I was not able to watch her during her China season due to poor telecast by the Franchise that time and we still don't have a great internet connection to get the episodes, but I really really loved her during her comeback at Heroes vs. Villains. She brought so much energy, so much fun and I should not forget, the outfits. I think she is the jury member that has so much exposure during Tribal Councils since she became part of the Jury. Love her!

13. Danielle DiLorenzo, Panama

At first, scanning through the names of the castaways that made it to the list of Heroes vs. Villains, I was like WTH? When I saw Danielle's name. I did not hate her because she was a villain that time but then I came to realize, betraying Cirie and Aras and merging up with Terry? Beating Cirie on that Fire-making Challenge? Making it to the Top 3? Well I guess he deserves the spot. But then, when the 20th Season started, I saw how drastic her change was when it comes to her game play. She's way way better than the last time she played it. Made a strong Alliance with Russel and Parvati and should have been in the Final three not until Russell had the urges to cut her out. But in the end, though it was the reason she got voted out, the loyalty she showed to Parvati was really uplifting for me that's why she made it here.

12. Amanda Kimmel, China

I never really like Amanda during her first two seasons but when she made it to the Heroes Tribe, Then I started to like her not just on that season but I came to a realization how likeable she was during her last games. Though she may be close to James, which is on the number 1 spot if I had to list down the most dreadful players. I really respected her loyalty.

11. Colby Donaldson, Australia

I think the best thing about Colby is that every girl wants him and Every guy wants to be like him! But I have to say, his performance during the Challenges, it was very very pitiful. Compared to his Five Consecutive Immunity wins during his Australia season that made him part of the Final 2 but made the wrong choice to bring up Tina than Keith that made him loose the lot. He's a very nice guy who played the game being nice to everyone as well which made him be the very last Hero standing against all the Villains. I guess he deserves to be the last Herostanding out of the other four JT, Amanda, Candice and Rupert that made it to the merge. Ok, Rupert fans are gonna kill me but that's my opinion!

There you have it! My Top 20 - 11! stay tuned for my Top 10! Who knows I might shuffle them over and over again but I think right now, my choices are firm. I just Love Survivor! It's the best Game ever invented in the face of the world! See you till Part 3!

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