May 27, 2010

My Top 20 Favorite Survivors PART III

Okay, You guys now why I'm back right? The moment everyone is waiting for (Or must I say ANYONE?) especially Survivor fans, My Second half of my Top 20 Favorite Survivor Castaways. As I count down my Top 10 up to Top 6, we are getting closer and closer to my Top 5 (Of course! What am I saying?) So with no further adieu My Top 10 to Top 6:

10. JT Thomas, Tocantins

Okay, so who doesn't like JT? Uhm okay, I can see hands, and another one, and another one. I do, I also think he can battle with Tom Westman for being the Most Likable Survivor Winner. But after what he did during the Heroes vs. Villains Season, well yah, I'm sure we can put back what I just told. Though I really thought it was kind of dumb, okay really dumb, It comes to show that JT has a very good Heart, a country guy's heart that was very compassionate. Though with the wrong person I'm sure! I still like him, a man of Values.

9. Stephanie LaGrossa, Palau

Me and my friends predicted that she will not last the 20th season but I do like Steph so much. She is totally a hero during her Palau Season and I think that is why people just love her! Again, a victim of 100% Villain, James the Giant which should be ousted first so that the heroes should have gone far...Wait wait, this is about Stephanie, not James. Anyway, I just love her, She's a true Hero!

8. Russell Hantz, Samoa

Then you guys are going to kill me! Russell? Part of my Favorites? IN THE TOP 10? Well what can I do, having to witness one of the Best Game Players ever in the history of Survivor (ADMIT IT GUYS, HE REALLY IS!) Planting all those 'Russell Seeds' And roasting them one by one by one Without even knowing it? Ain't he Great? Well If that's what I think? Then why is he not on a higher place on my Top 20? Well, as everybody knows, Values really count as for me. It's very nice to be competitive, come on it's a game! But telling lies that are not even necessary and just being plain deceitful? That's not really a good thing for me. Though I think he really marked his name on Survivor History!

7. Tom Westman, Palau

So far, I can confidently say, He is the most Likable Survivor Winner ever! As far as I know Okay? He defied the odds with his head up high and played the whole thing clean. Too bad He was cut out very very soon during the Heroes vs. Villains Season, again because of you know who, let's keep him with the name JAMES THE MONSTER. Tom is the kind of man anyone can look upon with his Values, Virtues and all other good thing that makes him the Tom we know. And that earned him the 7th spot!

6. Parvati Shallow, Cook Islands

She lead the Most Notorious All women tribe in Survivor History. I think all is said why she made it to my Top 6! She should have placed higher but on the later part of this series, You fans will know why! Another reason why she made it on my Top 10 is that she is very very Charming plus when she said on her Final tribal statement last Season that she did feel vulnerable during the merge that's why she kicked ass during the Immunity Challenges to save herself, that gained her more respect from me!

The last part of my Survivor Series features my Top 5 Favorite Survivor Castaways of all Time. But of course, as Homer Simpson says, SO FAR since there's still more a lot of seasons to come on the best Social Game ever invented on the Face of television, SURVIVOR!

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