May 8, 2010

My Vote is for GORDON

The photo above was shot last February 5, 2010 on DLSU-D, my Alma Mater. I'm the one on the Left and together with me is Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon, Presidential Candidate for the May 10 Philippine Elections.

Just like me, Senator Gordon's Roots were Traced from the Historical Province of CAVITE. He was part of the 1971 Constitutional Convention where he was the youngest delegate, still a student he represented the 1st District of Zambales. He became the Mayor of Olongapo City for 3 terms, 1980 - 1993. After that, he established the SBMA or the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority that became one of the Best Economic Zones not just during those times but up until now.

But on 1998, He was forcibly removed by Former President Joseph Estrada (Who was convicted, pardoned and is running AGAIN for the presidency) because of personal issues, one being Richard Gordon as his fierce critic. Then after participating on the second People Power Revolution that led to the impeachment of President Estrada, He was appointed as the New Secretary of Tourism. This is when I truly became a fan of Senator Gordon. I was barely 12 that time but I am very aware of all his works. With his experience with Procter and Gamble and SBMA, He placed the Philippines in the Tourism Map by his WOW Philippines Campaign. 2004 He ran for the Senate and despite the Surveys that placed him 29th during the Pre-elections, He placed 5th in the Final Official Tally garnering more than 12 million votes. The Veteran's Bill, National Tourism Act of 2009 and the Election Automations are just a small part of his records as a Senator.

And when he declared his plans for running as the President. I did not even think twice that I will not just give him my vote but I have been campaigning for him and persuaded almost hundreds to vote for him. Now, I am persuading you! We all have the free right to Suffrage but If you're going to ask me, DICK GORDON deserves all our votes. Votes for the REAL CHANGE that the country needs! All his works are just inspiring much more are his plans for our Nation! He has proven a lot than those stinky Surveys.

To the Filipino People, I assure you, GORDON's Victory will be Triumph for each and every Filipino! I am so excited to regain the respect that our country has lost from the past decades. I even texted him earlier tried if he'll reply since he gave us his number during his visit to our University. And He did, I'm very sure it was him! I'm leaving you all with his words, part of his long reply to my message. This May 10, 2010, Proudly with my head held high, My Vote is for RICHARD "DICK" GORDON!!!

"Steven, i hope that you campaign for me even if im not there. Appreciate your efforts. It's high time we change this country and I welcome your support. Today is the last day of the campaign and we have to work double time. I hope u and your friends can spread the word today. There is a country to be won. Let's win it together. This s Dick Gordon"

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