June 23, 2011

Bad Day

Where was the moment when you need it the most? Well I guess this song kept playing the whole day in my mind because I literally have a Bad Day. Yesterday, It started as runny nose and the day before, it was sore throat until I woke up earlier, can't get up, and Flu greeted me with a banner "Call your Co-Teacher and tell her you can't go to school!" It was a very sad morning because I can barely move and I felt all the energy in every cell of my body just all drained out.

I only have one class today, a VB.NET Laboratory Class that is shared with my Friend Miss Lumandas. So I started calling my co-Teachers Mr. Sabale and Ms. Lumandas (Thanks so much Katieloo!) to absorb my class because as a real teacher would first do when they get sick, is to think about their students, just like what I did. So when I got the assurance that someone would take over my class, I went back to sleep. But I did not get to sleep fully because I also have a headache. Too bad for me huh? But then my dad came and gave me breakfast because they came from the Airport to fetch my Uncle Ben and his family from San Francisco, CA.

As I got up and ate my breakfast, someone came to my room! It was my Aunt MAMA VICKY! I am very very happy to see her because I haven't seen her for a very long time since she got back from San Diego! I was really happy and my Flu went away temporarily with the sight of her. She asked me if I got my medicines and then she went downstairs. Then I drowsed off for about another hour my Mama Vicky came back and brought me back a box of Apple Juices, Snacks and a Bed of Vitamin C! THANK YOU SO MUCH MAMA! You made me so happy even if I have this Flu!

For someone like me who is a WORK WORK WORK Person, I'm not used to staying at my room shut for hours unless it's bedtime! So around 10 in the morning, I went downstairs to have lunch and talk with some people there! I spent almost all the time chatting with my Yeya and my Lola in the Kitchen! I was even scolded to shut up or else I won't get well. Then my Kuya Eriel, my Doctor who is my cousin prescribed my with Tamiflu for 5 Days (Thank you so much Kuya Eriel!) and I really hope I'll be well fast.

I'm better now than earlier but there is still a lot of aches! I can now laugh with my Kuya Wee not like earlier, I can;t because it hurts so much! See you next time guys!

Never Stop Dreaming!

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