June 14, 2011

A Birthday Letter for my Ate Judy

"Seven and Judy beside Wat Ratcha Burana at Ayutthaya, Thailand 03.30.11"

Being born on the same Family, we have been friends from the very beginning. Ever since I was small, I always had an Ate which is always with me. We went to the same school, Had Meals together, Ate the same foods (Not the same amounts though) You get half, I get one and your half.

We always fought during our early years up until High School. Palagi nalang nagaaway sa mumunting bagay pero sabi ng ni Yeya, saglit lang taposs bati na ulit. Well I think kasi we have been born to be together! For the World it is Seven and it is Judy but for us, It is always Seven and Judy. All my Travels ikaw palagi ang kasama exept yung Palawan kung saan di ka pinayagan wherein super lungkot ko noon alam mo yan! Agawan at gayahan sa mga toys and things nung Bata and all teh commotions that come with it.

But when we entered college that's when I realize na there will be no other definition of a friend than my Ate (Anu ba yan naiiyak na ako) I am very sure wala ka ng sinasabi ngayon kundi ANG ARTE!!!! But well, you did a lot on my Birthday and I really feel like doing this! So to turn back, we grew very close and much closer nung College. I know about your wants and you knew about my dreams. Kaya naman kahit na ayoko ng Crowds, Go padin ako sa Kimmy Shows kasi I know that yun ang pinakakaligayahan mo, for me naman, Travel and you are always there naman for me para samahan ako at natutuwa naman ako that you developed the same love nadin to Travel.

People and Chances did everything to break us apart. But we never did because we are born with each other nga eh! Sa Magpipinsan madaming Pairs at lahat sila, este tayo, pinagkokompare since like forever! Well Ok lang kasi sila lang naman gumagawa ng Competition pero tayo, we're always a team! Kagaya nga ng sinabi ko noon, "Karamihan sa mga magpipinsan, hindi nagpapansinan or nagpapalastican pero tayong dalawa iba, WE'RE AUTHENTIC! What they see is what it is!" I am very very proud of you of what a person you became. Don't mind other people making comments about you, your desires, your jobs and your dreams. Just be YOU and Do YOU! Because they don't stand a space in your Life! Basta always remember that when all else Fails, Seven will always be here! Kahit na ilang Mall Shows pa ng Kimmy yan, Kahit ilang Premier Nights pa yan, Kahit Ilang Shootings pa yan, Sasamahan kita (Sana naman magkapic na ulit ako with Kim! LALO IKAW!) not because I am forced to do so but because I want to be there for you.

Thank you very much for always telling me How proud you are of me (Iyakan na ito) kasi iba talaga kapag sa iyo nanggagaling! Kasi bihira mo sabihin eh! HAHAHAHAHA I know kaya bihira kasi sasabihin mo na naman pag nagreact ako na ang arte arte ko pero I know naman you are really proud of me! Especially the Day I got hired to become a teacher and I really felt you are so proud of me, Nabura lahat yung mga salita ng ibang tao na "TEACHER LANG!?!? ANU MARARATING MO!?!?!" Kasi like I told you, It is always about us, not the breakers! BREAKERS!?!?!? HAHAHAHA

Kulang na kulang itong Note Chorva na ito to tell you everything I want so I'll sum it all up like this. I will always be here for you NO MATTER WHAT! Kung sino ang Kaaway mo, Kaaway ko din! At kung sino ang Friends mo, Friends ko din (Totoo naman to diba?) And all I can promise you is to be beside you in all your endevours and successes kasi I have been self-employed to be your best friend eversince time started for our lives. I wish is all time success and yung Resto natin huh? Ako nalang sa Bakeshop WOW MALAKING RESTO!? hahahaha

Happy Happy Birthday and God Bless you Ate! I will forever Pray that God will bless us with more years because without you and me, there will be no life for me! There may come a million casts but it will always be "THE SEVEN AND JUDY SHOW" Oh walang Seniority jan kahit ako nauna ah! HAHAHAHAHAHA I Love you so much Teh and Mommy Loves you so much too tandaan mo yan! Many more travels to come and sana naman PAYAGAN NA U! Grabe Ang tatanda na natin! Hahahahahahaha China, Korea, Vietnam, Italy, Greece, Spain, NEW YORK, Seven and Judy is coming so you better wait!


PS Sana matanggap mo na inaanak mo si Doggy!

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