June 24, 2011

Flu: Day 2

Tamiflu 75 mg Twice a day

I have been sick now for 2 long days and that means to long days without Work! Luckily I have great co-teacher friends who are there to substitute for my classes. To you guys, Thank you all so much! Plus all the "Get Well Soon"s I receive from my Dear Student, they just never fail to be sweet and encouraging, Thank you guys so much!

I have been taking Tamiflu for 2 days now which is prescribed by my cousin who is a Doctor Kuya Eriel. Thanks again Kuya Eriel, it made me feel better! I really hope I'll be better as better tomorrow but still, I hope there will be no classes so that I can add it up again to my series of rest days.

I go to school every Saturday as a Student enrolled in 9 Units of Education Subjects. This is my Last 9 units before I can take the LET or the Licensure Examination for Teachers here in the Philippines. I really hope I can pass the exams soon!

Good Night Everyone! Just wanted to add up a rant about this gloomy, rainy day. NO CLASSES TOMORROW PLEASE!

Don't Stop Dreaming!

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