June 17, 2011


Started the day very early at around 5 am. Posted something for Skywatch Friday on Cavite Daily Photo then rushed off to school. The 7 am class with BIT31 went well and meeting them was really nice. I like each and every section that I have right now just as much as I love every single student who passed by me as their Teacher. after Two VB.NET Activities, We called it a meeting and went to the Faculty Room.

Jodi Sta. Maria was a few steps from me but my shyness took over me and I really wanted to have a picture with her. When she went away to attend her class that was the time I felt so much regret by the chance I let pass.

But I think the HIghlight of the day was my System Analysis and Design Class with ACC21 and ACI21. It was our very first lecture meeting and it felt really good giving the lecture from one of my favorite subjects! It's almost as perfect as what I have felt yesterday as I substituted to one of my teachers on her Automata Theory Class. The ACC/ACI kids are nice as well and you can see most of them did understand everything I have been talking about. It was a brief Introduction to the Subject including examples of Information Systems. I really like the class and my students and I really hope they'll like me as well!

After class I rushed home and saw my Dad on the way so I halted the Jeepney to ride with my Dad and we had an awesome snack at Jam's in the Town Plaza. He Had Valenciana and I had quite a Heavy Meal. I had Spaghetti and Ham Sandwich and also, Valenciana! That was quite Heavy eh? But the food trip did not end there! We went to Tagaytay to had dinner at the Tapsihan but we stopped at Amadeo to have my Favorite Cafe Amadeo, freshly brewed on site! As we had our dinner on a Foggy Tagaytay, the Combacheros I have Featured on my Cavite Daily Photo Blog serenedade us again with two songs. They sang Baby by Justin Bieber and they were sooo great! But the best of it was when they asked us for another song and I told them any song would do, They started playing my Favorite Song, Just the Way You are and it was MAGICAL! I hope to upload the video sometime soon here. After Dinner, we strolled along Robinson's Tagaytay and called it a day!

Tomorrow will be a big day again as we start our First Semester on our Education Classes. It will be held every Saturday and I'm quite excited yet very tired from this day's Adventure! Good Night Everyone and Talk to you again soon!

Never Stop Dreaming!


  1. steve! really wanna visit your class one of these days. i bet you're one good helluva teacher! :) -lyks

  2. Lyka - Ohhhhh myyyyyy! Is this "Lyka" My one and only Lykits? LYKITS! I MISS YOU SO MUCH! Awww That is just so sweet! I would be truly honored to see you in the classroom! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!


    PS: You were the very first one that started calling me Steve! Now, I'm known by it most of the time :D


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