June 14, 2011

Start of My Second Year of Teaching

Second Year of Teaching, Second Year Employed. It was really a liberating feeling for me but the night before was really nerve-wracking. I am a nervous person, I have to admit it it gave me chills in the morning. Will my students like me? Will I get to teach my lessons right? Am I really ready to go back to school as their Teacher? Those questions kept on flashing repeatedly on my mind.

But as I entered my First Class, It was my VB.NET Lecture Class with the BIT36, I felt quite relieved even from the first 5 minutes. I have a good command as to feeling other people and I really felt they are all nice students. I mean all the students I have had are very nice to me because it is always due to how the teachers present themselves and how they treat their students with the respect they deserve. But this time it was different, I knew they have nice hearts.

The class went by nicely and we bid our Goodbyes, Thank yous and see you next meetings and I went to the Admin Building to pay for my tuition fee for my CTP Classes every Saturday. After that I went straight back to the CS Department to take a quick rest and freshen up for my next Class, Basic Computer Operations with my HUB12 Students. They are Freshmen students and as expected, they are all nice and very respectful. But I was really surprised by the fact that they seem to be already close even if they come from different schools, places and backgrounds. I was really happy to see them having a great time with each other! I hope they'll remain like that until they finished their Four Years.

But the best thing of the whole school day was seeing my past students which I really really missed the most! They were gleefully greeting me everywhere they see me and I am thrilled with all their hellos! I also had a great time in the evening as I went to my Ate Judy's House to Celebrate her birthday.

I am very very much thrilled to blog about my Daily life because this is a new experience to me as a Blogger. Blogging about nothing at all but my life. Blogging about ANYTHING I WANT TO SAY AND RECORD just like a Journal. Until my next post! See you guys very soon again!

Never Stop Dreaming!
Sir Steve^^

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