June 13, 2011

This Blog is Signing On, Again...

Well it has been years since I blogged on this Blog. This is actually Entitled "Life of a Daily Photo Blogger" with respect to my Cavite Daily Photo. There are 15 Posts already here dating back to as early as 2008 which is the main reason why I decided not to trash those posts due to its post age. But now, As I have my 2 Active Blogs Cavite Daily Photo and Endless Expedition and a Contributor to our Group Blog The JSV Insider, I think it's about time I have a Personal Blog, Somewhere I can posts anything and everything that's happening in my life, my wants, dreams and desires.

On my past Blogs, I always think of very creative Titles which reflects Me in ways but right now, I have decided to name this Blog as Simple as Steven Que, Just Me. No colorful backgrounds, no stylish layouts, because This blog is going to be about Steven Que and His World.

I am actually on our Kitchen right now, My new found Favorite Place in our House to work, play and just sit down with my Laptop (Which is actually suffering from Loose Hinges that's why there is always something behind the screen to support its weight). But who cares? What's important is that I Love My Laptop which Celebrated it's 3rd Birthday last June 4th, together with my 21st Birthday!

I am so excited to fill this Blog up and I wish I will be frequent on this Blog so as my other Blogs. Tomorrow is the First Day of School and it means First Day of Work for me as well! Hope to post again tomorrow!

Don't Stop Dreaming!

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