June 15, 2011

Date Hired: June 15, 2010 (A Year of Teaching)

My Faculty ID at DLSU-Dasmariñas

For a whole year, I am not just the Simple Stevenson Que but I became Sir Steven/Sir Steve/Sir Que/Sir Seven. Without this career, I may never have known such WONDERFULL people especially ALL MY STUDENTS which are truly the reason why I am here and Why I wake up in the morning with a reason to Live! I LOVE YOU ALL MY STUDENTS and Mommy Ghing Que, I Hope You're proud of me up there!

It was a very tiring day at school as usual. But also as usual, I had fun meeting my new students! The sweet new students of Programming 1 - BCS13 (Although most of them are irregulars and from Higher Years) and the Fun Loving ACC21 and ACI21's System Analysis and Design Class. They are all nice and I hope they will remain nice until the end of this semester.

A sad story is that one of my classes that I am supposed to teach did not reach the required number of students thus the class will not be split and my Teaching Load is truly diminished. I did not even make it to the Maximum Load but it's Okay, I'll just work harder with what is given to me and hope there would be more Substitutions to come! Haha!

After class, My father went to school to fix the Car Sticker for our Car so that He'll be able to bring me and fetch me up at times to school during the whole school year. It was actually a very fast process this year as compared to last year and I commend the people and staff who are behind the processing of Vehicle Stickers!

Snack Time with Daddy

After that my Dad and I went to Robinson's Place Dasma to have a short walk. We had Fruit Shakes and Donuts. We each had Big Dunk Donuts and I had Mango Yogurt Shake and Daddy had a Mango-Banana Smoothie. When my feet started aching we decided to go home.

We are all asked to wear Jeans and a White or Green Shirt for tomorrow's Opening Celebration of the Centennial Year of De La Salle in the Philippines. I am sure it will be a fun event (though classes are not postponed and I cannot attend the Mass) filled with programs for a whole year! Until my next post!

Never Stop Dreaming!

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