August 20, 2011

Catching Fire

It was a Saturday, my first Non-Busy Day since I have read the Hunger Games Book 1! So on my way to school I snatched "Catching Fire" (Book 2) and since then it stuck to my hand, page fastened with my finger. Classmates listening to the lesson, reviewing for the quiz but I am on a time ahead of them PANEM Time as I may say. They probably think I'm mad, laughing then crying.

The Quiz came and I started encircling options without my full mind in it and submitted it first in class and they were all looking at me, IGNORED THEM AND WENT BACK TO MY SEAT GRABBED THE BOOK AND CONTINUED READING! The book never ever left my hand even as I walked out of school, passed by the road outside Gate 3, walking along PalaPala and riding the Jeepney Home where I finally finished it! I can even sense people staring at me as I read while I pass by cars and trucks. Well NO ONE can understand What I feel unless they have had their own experience with THE HUNGER GAMES! :)

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