August 23, 2011

Enchanted Weekend with the Survivors

It was a cloudy Sunday Morning when I woke up and said, "This is the Day we have all been waiting for! I am going to see my Survivor Friends for a Weekend Getaway!" It has always been a grand event whenever we meet up, the Survivors, my Closest College Friends. We call ourselves Survivors since we always have our own Seasons of the Game Survivor which we started during our Senior Year at College. When we left, we still continue doing our best to find time together around the year so we could all meet up and reunite and in fortunate cases, have another Season of Survivor.

We all decided that we will be having our Survivor Weekend on August 21, 2011, the day where most of us doesn't have any commitments at work, at school, anywhere. We decided to go to Enchanted Kingdom at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. The Philippines' National Theme Park, to say the least.

I together with my 11 Survivor friends bound to Enchanted Kingdom at around 10 in the morning! Emil drove Macon's L300 Van and we all had a great trip ahead! Sharing endless stories from our workplaces and the never dying College Memories that we always get to talk about yet the laughs still never fades. We had our Breakfast at Tropical Hut in Walter Mart Sta. Rosa and bound to Enchanted Kingdom. While we were on Queue, we overheard while the park attendants were talking about us and said "Mukhang mga OFW!" And we all burst out laughing! OFW means Overseas Filipino Workers and I guess it's because of one of our friends Kathleen who has a large bag and her camera on her neck. Well we always get to find great times on these simple things!

They started out with the Anchors Away ride, then I get to join them on the next few rides, Roller Skaters, Up Up and Away, Rio Grande Rapids and almost 10 rounds of the Flying Fiesta! We also get to ride the Wheel of Fate which is so High. I have a special fear of Heights but The Ferris Wheel is exempted on my list since it's a 360 degree view of the world around you way up high and it always feels liberating when I'm up there.

We left Enchanted Kingdom at Twilight and we decided to have Dinner at Tagaytay City. Just about an hour drive from Santa Rosa passing by Silang, Tagaytay is truly one of the Survivors' Favorite spots with its cool, chilly weather. We had dinner at the Tapsihan were me and my Family usually dine and everybody was delighted! I was really happy they did like the food and had a great time having dinner together.

As we went back on our way home, we decided that there should be a Fourth Season of Survivor and it will be targeted this coming October. I hope it would really be planned and we all give our times so that it will always be a tighter bond for us. More power to the Survivors! Cheers to the long lasting Friendship of College Students! We will always be friends forever, forever... Graduation and Beyond! 

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