August 8, 2011

The Hunger Games Trilogy

I have been craving for this Book since yesterday when my friend Mark Luis told me about the story. He's a well read friend and He Highly recommends it to me as I was really sad as the Potter Phenomenon officially Ended after I watched the Last Movie (Though I will always be a Potter Fan). So he told me about the story and I really wanted to read it! So I went to National La Salle Dasma and Saw the Book but they only have the Hardcover Version.

Earlier when we got to Festival Mall in Alabang, Me and my Ate Judy went to Powerbooks and I was thinking of something to buy because everything is on 20% off Sale. So I asked the Book Guy if they have the Hunger Games First Book and he said it was out of stock but they do have the Boxed set of the Trilogy. At first I refused but he told me it was on sale as well so I went to see the Books and I really wanted it so I decided to grab a copy of the Three Books! I am so excited to read it and I will be starting it first thing in the morning!

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