August 11, 2011

I RECOGNIZE the Philippine Dragon Boat Team

"The Philippine Governmenr cannot recognize the Philippine Dragon Boat Team because they are not official" SO WHAT! AT LEAST SILA MAY NAGAWA FOR THE COUNTRY! I am so proud of our Dragon Boat Team! Thank you for bringing pride to our country, I must say, " The FILIPINO PEOPLE recognizes the Philippine Dragonboat Team"!

Article from

"The Philippine Cultural Foundation organized a ceremony to honor the dragon boat team after the Dragon Warriors won 5 gold medals and 2 silvers in the world championships.
They also held a sumptuous lunch for the team and presented the paddlers with a plaque of appreciation.

The dragon boat team became emotional as they thanked the Filipinos for their support.

“Ngayon lang po kami naka-meet ng ganitong karaming Filipino community. Ngayon lang po kami nakaranas ng suporta, ng endless food, endless drink,” said team captain Sergeant Usman Anterola. “Maraming salamat po sa inyo.”

Meanwhile, the Philippine Cultural Foundation also asked for donations from the Filipinos in order to give the dragon boat team a little bonus.

They will also bring the team to the Bush Gardens Amusement Park."

Who needs recognition from the Government if the FILIPINO PEOPLE themselves give the recognition fit for Heroes like the Dragon Boat Team?

CONGRATULATIONS PHILIPPINE DRAGON BOAT TEAM who competed for the International Dragon Boat World Championship in Tampa, Florida FOR BRINGING PRIDE TO OUR COUNTRY! We are all very proud and awaiting your return!

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