September 20, 2011

Christmas Village 2011

Ever since I was a little Boy, I always loved Christmas! The Gifts, the Family Reunions, seeing all my cousins as well all get together here at my Lola's House as we talk about everything that happen in our lives for the whole year. But one thing I would always be thankful for is the feeling I get whenever the Christmas season is drawing near. As I grew up, it was never about the gifts anymore, nor the money, it's the Christmas Feeling that the Season gives whenever September starts here in the Philippines.

I do agree with the saying "Iba ang Pasko sa Pinas" or in English, Christmas is different in the Philippines. I have to be honest, I haven;t been to any other country to celebrate Christmas for me to believe in that phrase but I am a Filipino and this is my Home that is probably one of the reasons why I love Christmas here in the Philippines. But being a Family-Bonded People, the Filipinos are always happy especially whenever the Family is Complete every Christmas Season.

Just seeing the parols or the lanterns on the street gives me so much joy that no other thing can ever warm my heart. Hearing the carols of street Children still uplifts my spirit. I know it may sounds a bit fake to all of you but that is really what I feel everytime its Christmas. Just these simple things can really give me so much joy even without the gifts, delicious food and any other thing.

But just last year, before my Mother died last January, She and my Dad went to Sonia's Garden in Tagaytay City and bought me and my Brother Little Structures to start up my very own Christmas Village. My mommy will always do everything to make me so happy even these simple things. (Now I'm starting to cry, I miss her so much) So She wanted me to start this Village and right now, I added a big number of structures and buildings for my Village adding up to the Toy Factory and the Victorian House that my mom gave me.

So last Friday I had no Classes, I asked my Dad to bring me to Quezon City where Dapitan Arcade is. My Brother Wilson went with us. At first it was kind of hard to find the Dapitan Arcade since it is nestled in the midst of Quezon City, just a few blocks away from UST. When the Ice Cream Man told us the directions very clearly, we finally came where we should be at.

It was a haven full of Christmas Decors and different House Figures that can truly liven up any home! The first thing that came up to my mind is that If only I can bring this whole arcade home, That will be so much better. Then We started looking around and my eyes were filled with so much Christmas trees, Santa Clauses, Elves, Poinsettias and then there it is, the thing I have been looking and craving for, Christmas Village Buildings! It was a wide range of structures from Houses to Stores, Inns to Bars and the one I have been dying for, Lighthouses!

So I haggled along the stores and bought around 7 structures and little Christmas Trees and Villagers for my Display. Most of the buildings ranges from 250 - 400 without lights and 400 - 500 for those with the lights. Buying the ones with lights are truly effort and time saving but for those who have people who can help you with the lighting, like I do, it is so much better to grab the ones without the lights because you get bigger savings!

As I have told you earlier, it all started with the buildings that my mom and Dad bought for me just this last year. I included all my Souvenirs from all my Travels across the Philippines and little miniatures of World Landmarks so it created something I called " A Christmas around the World".

It featured little turtles I bought from Palawan, Windmills from Ilocos Norte, a little house from Ilocos Sur, and the Ifugao Houses I had during my trips to Baguio together with those that my Brother Wilson gave me. He also lent me his Mini Churches from his Collection to add up to the Filipino touch of it. Even my cardboard Eiffel Tower made its way into the display. It may be a bit cluttered and without a direct theme but I'm sure you would agree it feels so much like Christmas!
It started with these two structures from my Mom and Dad which are still included for this year's White Christmas Village Display.

And here are the ones I bought last September 16th to add up to this years Display. Together with the little Christmas Trees and Villagers playing along the Cotton Snow, here are the Structures and the Train I bought at SM Mall of Asia.

The Table was first covered with White Cartolina then the houses were assembled in their places. Though some of the houses are still not lit so you still have to look forward to it, anyway it's still early September so better stay tuned! Then the train was assembled around the village. Actually I was quite nervous that the Train will not fit but it did, perfectly! Used my Small Coca-Cola Cars and the Giant Tree was placed in the middle.

I may have spent quite a fortune to build this Village display up and some of you may not understand why I built this but It is so much more than worth it because I'm doing this not just for my own satisfaction but this a symbol of my Mother because she is always what Christmas means to me. I can still remember starting when my mom found out about her Kidney Failure, Each and Every Christmas, I would pray and thank the Lord that She is still with us and will ask him another year. It went on for almost 8 years until we spent our last Christmas with her last year. I would still pray the same prayer this Christmas, thanking the Lord the He gave ma a Mother who truly loves me and I will forever be proud of the life she lived.

This Village will always remind me of my Mommy and I am very sure that the bright and pure heart that my Mother have will always be projected by these lighted houses and snow white cotton. As long as I build this Village Yearly, My Mom and her Love will continue to Live and Endure Forever.


  1. Seeing this in pictures is amazing. But seeing it right in front of me with lights and the train moving.. It's just breath-taking. I love it so much and I wish I could build my own one as well. Thank you for giving me the chance to witness such wonderful work of art! (:

  2. Caren - Awww! Thank you so so much Caren! That is so nice of you! I am so happy you liked it! Dapat every year may Christmas Picture tayong JSV with the Village hehehe :D

    Kuya Seven^^


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