September 9, 2011

My Philosophy of Education

My personal philosophy in education is to have a total learning experience for both the learners and other persons involved in the educational system. Academically excellent that comes hand in hand with moral values that will enable, enrich and establish the students to be active, honourable and responsible members of the society, essential for building the Philippine Nation.

Academic Excellence on their chosen fields should be the primary goal of my educational philosophy, Excellence Globally and most especially domestically so that the nation can make use of them. Moral Values should be established in molding these learners so that they may be responsible members of the future generation which will then be the leaders of the future. Patriotic and Nationalistic Ctiziens should also be a goal in this Philosophy.

An Education that will equip them of these three features, Academic Excellence, Moral Values and Nationalism and Patriotism which will start from the very beginning of their school experience. Through these traits, the Philippine Nation can be guaranteed of a brighter future as this future generation will be upright, righteous, excellent, efficient and nationalistic which will truly destroy the nation’s problems such as unemployment, poverty, maleducation and corruption. These traits should be established from the beginning of the Child’s development wherein the school is its primary dsource of knowledge and wisdom that will help them be competitive citizens of this nation that will represent the country in the coming of age.

-Stevenson Que, Foundation of Education 2

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