September 6, 2011

Simple Joys of Being a Teacher

I have been privileged to have handled hundreds of students from the Psychology and IT Graduating Class of DLSU-Dasma last school year and in just a year of teaching, I already had students that are now dispersed in their careers. As any teacher would feel, I am very very proud of each and everyone of them. Every time they ring me, text me or even wall post and chat me on Facebook regarding Great news about being employed or just simply saying "Hi Sir, How are you? Just wanted to say Hello :)" And It will always brighten up my day! Brighter than thousands of pesos I receive every payday.

One of my students who just graduated sent me a message on Facebook. It is a very warm message of thanks and showing how appreciative she was of me being her teacher. Simple words like that can truly make a teacher smile not just with his or her lips but gives them a smiling heart. She was one of the most quiet students in my class and it feels really touching to hear such words from her. I do get a number of thank you messages from my past students and each and every single of them gives me the same great feeling of joy and happiness every single chance I get one.

To all my students, I have said this almost a hundred times I guess but the feeling I get is still the same as when I first told this, You guys are my Treasures that no other Gold, nor Silver nor Million Dollar Paychecks can offer me. A real Teacher will always have an answer why He or She is still in the Job despite the low salary, and the answer is the pride their students give them and how addicted they are to the fact that they shape not just pots but characters, build not just skyscrapers but dreams and most of all, be part of not just a system but of every single lives of their students.

By the students I have thought and by the hearts I have touched, as they have told me, I may not live a life of a Millionaire by being a Teacher, I am insured to die and have a Number of Years remembered by the lives I have touched.

To all my Students Then, Now and in the Future, I will always Love you and truly be honored to have been Loved by all of you :)


  1. It's because of the good aura that you embodied sir. =)

  2. Maykel - Awwww Thank you so much Maykol! It is my pleasure and honor to have been your teacher! Miss you guys sooo much! God Bless you!



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