October 11, 2011

Gained a Phone, Lost a Teeth

Just Yesterday, the teeth that I broke months ago has been finally extracted from my gums. It was a bittersweet moment since I would have to say goodbye to another of my teeth making it to three teeth lost in my own set. I am not afraid of the Dentists or Extractions or blood but this one was quite worky for my Dentist Dr. Blancaflor, but she did an effortless job! She's amazing! Her hands are really light and careful and she makes sure you feel utmost confidence while the extraction takes place. I git my first shot of anesthesia and it numbed a bit. But while she was rocking the teeth, it started to hurt so she shot me another. Then it was number than the first time yet it was when the real pulling began, the sore became intense from the inside. She decided to give me Block.

This time the numbing was intense and with prayers, the aching from the inside went gone just like magic and in the next few minutes, my teeth bid farewell to its home for years. She explained me how the roots of my teeth were in an outward direction making it hard to be extracted. She also showed how the roots had high PH due to puss which is the main reason why it ached on the first parts.

The dentist told me I have a beautiful set of teeth, no extra teeth and aligned perfectly. I do need some fillings but all in all, it's nice! To Doctor Blancaflor, thank yo so much for doing a great job with my teeth! It was an honor! I just hope this would be the last time I'll see you for tooth extraction! Fillings would be nice but extraction again, I hope never (knocks on wood).

This last Thursday, October 6th, I bought something I have been longing for to have for a very long time now, a 7 inch Samsung Galaxy Tab! I am so thrilled even if it meant loosing some money. Hahaha I didn't actually loose it ofcourse, I bought something I really really want for a long time so I think it's all worth it. I Love it so much just as much I love the Kuya Wilson's Graduation Gift for me, my Nokia E63, which will forever be my Favorite Phone.

My Galaxy Tab is so cool especially having yourself to personalize it with your own choices of apps and everything that is free. I love everything about this phone but the only thing I least like about it is that it takes so much time to charge it fully! But nevertheless, its a great great phone :)

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