November 23, 2011

Just some random post - Post #100

Actually today is not a special day nor a day I'm hyped to tell the world about something. It's just that I hate this crappy feeling that I do have right now. But the think that's worse is that I don't know what exactly is the reason that's why I feel this way nor is there any reason to feel this way. I'm sure you guys have felt this once in while in your own lives.

Is it because I'm tired? Tired of my daily school life? Wake up early, talk for hours and asking my students to listen to me while I deliver the lessons and give them quizzes? I don't think so because I really do believe that I live for these kids and it's not just a matter of belief, it's really what I feel.

Is it about the subjects I'm handling right now? Two of my subjects for this semester are subjects I have ever taught before and worse case, one of it, I haven't even took when I was in college. But my friends are very confident about me and my abilities to handle such subjects, actually, anything given to me even if it is out of my Educational Track. So I don't think this is it.

It is because of the wrong salary I got last Pay Period? Neither that is the reason because I may be practical at times but such mistakes by some people or a system of people are very understandable unless they do something about it the next chance. And mostly to tell that I am not that greedy enough nor hungry for money because Money was NEVER my only reason why I am in this Teaching Profession.

Is it because of the Afternoon Nap I had just as I arrived home this afternoon? Honestly, I thinks so yes! I always get this crappy feeling that even leads to uneasiness and anxiety without any reason. I don't know if there is any medical explanation as to my case but this is usually the result whenever I get home and the afternoon and have a quick sleep. But what can I do? I'm so tired I can't force myself not to be pulled down by the force of my bed.

But right now, I realized that all those reasons stated above are actually and in fact real and it does affect what I feel right now. But that is why God made something called 'tomorrow' so that we can promise and assure ourselves that the next day will be better, so much better as long as we do our best and give all our hearts in everything that we do! Thank you so much Lord for giving me Thousands of Tomorrows and may there be thousands more to come!

PS. Congratulations to my Blog! 3 years now and this is my 100th post! So Few as to compare the number of days but still, the best thing about blogging is that we can always post anything even if the posts are about memories. It will still bring the same feeling :)

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