November 27, 2011

Let's Try Poetry...

10 to 7

The time I thought the day was a Grand
You came into the picture and made it even better
I knew I saw you but can never remember when exactly
Those sweet brilliant eyes
That skin, so flawless I wish I had.
Perfect Hair, every strand so magical.
You look so bright even in the darkness of the night
But when the light shun your beautiful face,
It reminded me of the same warm day I first saw your face.
I may be forgetful of the moment, but never forgetful of the feeling.
So beautiful, shining brighter than the brightest light.
You made me feel like life is a fairy tale.

10 to 7 ver. 2

With every day, a page in my book,
This one is truly bright!
With a series of wonderful things chained together amazingly.
But as it ended, there you came
Shining so bright than the brightest light.
So bright but it did not give me a fright
Because of your face so sweet, your eyes brighter than bright
Skin so soft, I can feel it with my sight.
You shun the night brighter than sunlight.
We may have parted, slowly faded away with flight
But the moment with you was truly magical.
My Book may be long, few volumes it might
But the page with you made the whole story a Fairy tale.


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