December 4, 2011

Beautiful Dream + Creepy Spider = Good Morning Sunday!

After a very short sleep of just like 2 hours, I has just had a short and great dream! I was on a plane and when I got out I was at Kampala, Uganda and it was so beautiful! It felt so real that I was crying on my dream. I saw alot of Filipinos, I think they look like athletes and it was really funny! They were on the road looking at me then I told them "Pinoy Kayo?" Then they answered, "Hindi!" which means no but of course they are because they understood what I was asking! Then I told them "Pinoy din ako! Obvious ba?" Then they said another "HINDI!" and we all went laughing! I was on my way to Botswana then I woke up! Wooow! Africa! Even it was just a dream, it was beautiful!

Imagine how dreams can get so weird? pwede namang sa South Africa ako mapunta or sa Nigeria? Bakit talagang pagkita ko sa Airport sa Dream ko Kampala pa talaga! VERY PRECISE! I knew it was in Africa kasi yung mga tao at yung mga Savannah dun sa dream ko but I lost thought that it was at Uganda! Pagkagising na pagkagising ko I searched it on the Net Right away hahahaha :D

But again I have to say this! When I opened the lights earlier, there was something crawling at the floor! I thought it was a roach and when I'm about to smack it with something, I cleared my eyes and saw it was a Gigantic Spider with a weird looking body! Oh My! It was as big as a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup but the bottom part of the body was white and the legs are black! It looks VERY CREEPY! Grabe I did not have the strength to whack it sa takot ko grabe! I can;t believe something like that is in my room! Hahahaha

When will this come true? Is this another premonition of my future Trips? Well i hope so! :)

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