December 8, 2011

We are Young

Honestly, I was not that excited to see this week's episode even if my friends kept on telling me it was a great one or it was the best so far this season. So After my download has finished this noon, I played it on and found out that it was Sectionals. Sam Evans went back and then the Troubletones were to sing a mash up of I will Survive and Survivor which I actually liked. Then it was time for the New Directions. I did not like their number that much because Rachel was not in it and the songs are not so good (in my opinion, not an MJ fan nor an MJ hater). So then it was Rachel and Quinn's scene at Figgin's office and it was touching. Much more the scene of Quinn and the Girls in the bathroom. then they started their song.

The song was We Are Young. I haven't heard of the song before but the first line has already captured me. Then as they were singing, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany and that girl Sugar Mota went in and it was very touching to see them! But then when Mercedes did that note, I suddenly got teary eyed!

This is what Glee is all about, friendship and the music that binds it. It was really touching and this is probably one of the Numbers that the New Directions did that really touched me since their second turn on Don't Stop believing at Regionals Season 2.

I have always been a Gleek and I think will always be. It has been a big part of my life and my heart and probably one of the reason why i was teary eyed during their We are Young performance knowing that in just a few months, most of them are to graudate and I will be missing them so much!

Here's the We are Young Footage from this Week's Episode of Glee! Enjoy!

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