January 6, 2012

It's More Fun in the Philippines

Food? It's More Fun in the Philippines!
Island Hoping? It's More Fun in the Philippines!
Smiles? It's More Fun in the Philippines!

It's More Fun in the Philippines! This is the latest Philippine Tourism Slogan! I think it's great and even the layout looks very classy! The statements above are just three of an infinite list why it is much more fun in the Philippines!

I am so happy that I am not the only one supporting this campaign! But also my friends and the people I know who REALLY Travel not just to see for themselves but to extend the beauty of the country to the world! We can do this!

But of course, as usual, people have been gunning the slogan, especially, sadly, Filipinos themselves. Due to the previous use of this slogan during 1951 by Switzerland. Reusing and as most people phrase it, copying, is never new in the Philippine Government and its projects but I grew out of it! I'm so tired of all these hoolabaloos!

If only the Filipinos could learn about how to support its countries projects, ANY SLOGAN and I do mean ANY, even a Slogan without a Slogan, will be a success! Tourism is so much more than it's slogan! I agree how a Slogan is very important as I am always fond of watching Tourism Ads of different countries in the world! But Hey! I chose to shut up and support!

Honestly, the best DOT Slogan for me was WOW Philippines! But can we please give this new campaign a try? Let it try to help the Philippines be visited and be explored? Let it try to UNITE all of us to support the slogan and mostly the Tourism itself? Let it try to bring millions of people from around the world and try to Help us out in showing how truly FUN it is to be in the Philippines? Can we? I'm sure we CAN if we WANT to!

‎"Our strategy is simple: while other countries invite you to observe, Filipinos can promise a more heartfelt and interesting experience. Wherever you go, whatever you do in the country, it's the Filipinos that will complete your vacation and will make your holiday unforgettable" - DOT Secretary Jimenez

Visit the Campaign Site at http://itsmorefuninthephilippines.com

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