February 26, 2012

And I am Back!

After months of being away from the Blogging World, I am definitely Back! I helped my student enhance her blog then I realize what I was missing for a long long time. Blogging has been a big part of me and it feels so nice to type and give you all the countless thoughts and experiences I want to share to all of you!

The photo above shows my New Monitor that I just bought yesterday, February 25th! I have always wanted a large Monitor for my own and I decided to buy one after watching "Unofficially Yours" wherein the Characters are writers at a Newspaper and their Office Screens are this large!

A lot of things happened since I last logged! 3 of my Bucket List Tasks have been crossed out and I am so proud of myself It was that fast!

They were Watch Mamma Mia! The Musical Live, Dance Hip-hop on a Big Event, and Finally See Boracay. Of course I will be blogging about these separately on the next posts so better stay tuned!

I can't wait to finally be back with more Travel Posts (So excited to share my Boracay Vacation) and a lot more! Because of Blogging, it opened me thoughts and desires that someday, I would want to be a writer! Right now, I consider myself one but of course we all want to be published not just on the web but also in print in time. Stay tuned because Steven Que is definitely Back!

"LIFE is an Endless Expedition" so never ever stop walking, exploring, living...

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