March 4, 2012

Salvie's 18th with the Survivors!

It was a great Saturday to start it off! Sunny skies with the cool winds rushing on my face, I was on my way to Sm Dasmarinas were I will be meeting up with my Survivors to Buy our Girl Salvie a Present! Salvie is Survivor Macon's Super Cute Little Sister! So it was still early and we decided to grab some snacks at Sbarro and we rode the Bus off to Golden City, Imus.

It was so much Fun! Most of the Survivors were there! Me, Zarah, Ralph, Jayson, Kathleen, Mark, Florence, Diane Jhoy, Wally, Aljon, Ilyn and Macon! Salvie looks really really cute in her pink and white dress but the worst thing is, We haven't got to have a picture of her! She is sooo cute! Most of us forgotten our Cameras so we just took some shots with our Mobile Phones! Here are some shots!

It was so much fun! Everywhere we go, as long as the Survivors are there, It will always be loads and loads of fun! We chatted the whole evening and talked about our Next Trips and bondings! We will be meeting up next Two weeks on Zarah and Ilyn's Blowout here at General Trias! Then our Next Adventure will be held at Sagada! So much Excited for it!

The biggest Challenge for me was going home but as We went home, It was safe and sound! Thanks to Zarah's Mom and Dad and to Ralph, I arrived safe and sound!

LONG LIVE THE SURVIVORS! They're the Best Group of friends I ever ever had! I Love you all so much!

To Salvie, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR HAVING US! Stay as sweet and as pretty as you are! You are so blessed to have a great and Happy Family and I am sure you are a very big blessing to them as well! The Survivors are here for you! God Bless you more and always do your best in everything!


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