April 2, 2012

Mommy is still with me... As Always

I dreamed about my Mommy Ghing again a few minites ago. It was Long! She was already sick and we all knew Dying when she wanted to go to Divi with me! So we went together then she pulled me on the Karaoke Section and forced me to sing! The song played "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera! I was singing while I was looking at her and she was so proud of me! After the song, they clapped and we even got our Pictures taken via our Camera Phones! After that, I was to go to Bicol but then she went with me still!

While on the Bus, she started her final breathes. It was very sad and then I asked her if she accepted Jesus as her Saviour with all her heart and she said yes and we both Prayed and she even lead the prayer, a Personal prayer! We were both crying but It was tears of joy! She was having a hard time to breathe! I even saw her dentures break! and she went out Gracefully! I was hugging her while I was crying yet I was happy with the honor of having her with me while she was dying...

It was long since I dreamed of her! Maybe she's giving me some kind of a message! That even though the setting of my dream was about her, dying, it was kind of different from the real thing that happened! WE WERE SHOPPING, SINGGING, TRAVELING on her last Day of Life and we were both so Happy! Everytime I dream of her, I wake up VERY REFRESHED!!!

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMY! I miss you so much!

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  1. This post is very heart warming. :) May Auntie Ghing rest in peace! :)


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