June 13, 2012

Goodbye Summer!

My Summer Vacation is officially over as I start packing things for School! The things that I will miss are as follows:

1. Magtinda sa Lumber! Had so much fun meeting many people especially people from my Town! Magbuhat ng 200 Pawid sa isang bilihan ng hindi ako tinutulungan ng Costumer! Maghugas ng kamay 10 times an hour kada may bibili ng Pako! At magbuhat ng Semento at Sako sakong buhangin!

2. Bonding with the JSV Peeps! Ate Judy, Carlos, Trisha and especially sa mga alaga kong weekly ko ata nakakasama Caren and Abrielle! I'M GONNA MISS YOU GUYS!!!

3. My Afternoon naps.

4. Biking around town during the Afternoon hours (Will not be able to do so this semester as my classes are from 12-7 at most.

5. Nights dedicated to nothing but watching FRIENDS, Once Upon a Time and Dream High

6. Missing the greatest students that I loved so much and not seeing them in the school premises BIT45 and BCS42 Batch 2012 (We Are Family)... AND SO MUCH MORE! Good Bye Summer, May the Semester be nice to me and all my students :D

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