April 24, 2013

Manaoag's New Clothes

Last Monday, my dear friend Kathleen told me about her new sewing machine and how she is so happy about it! She sewn so many clothes for herself, bags, and even clothes for her saints. So I asked her if she can make a dress for our saint, Our lady of Manaoag since she hasn't had new clothes for a very long time now. She is one of our family's patronesses because she is my Mother's favorite Saint!

So Kathleen agreed! She bought the Felon fabric from Kadiwa market in Dasma just near our University. Felon is the fabric used as inside lining for the clothes of the saints to make it harder and have a good form. Then when I got home Monday evening, I got the clothes Manaoag last wore, which were clothes for my Kuya Erson's Saint in the States which he lent Manaoag. Then I got her Blue fabric from Kuya Erson as well which I decided to use for her veil. Then Kuya Wilson got this beautiful Orange Velvet fabric from an old box and I brought them all to school!

Together on Tuesday morning, me and Kathleen started cutting the patterns and the fabrics so that when she gets home she can start sewing them all which she did that night! The length of the dress was just an estimate since the dress from Kuya Erson's saint is much longer! So after a whole night of hardwork from the talented seamstress Kathleen, here is Our Lady of Manaoag and her new set of clothes

Our Lady of Manaoag and her New Set of Clothes

The Dress itself together with the clothes of the baby Jesus is made of Orange velvet fabric from Kuya Wilson. The Silver lace trimmings at the end of the seam of the dress are from Kathleen herself which added much detail to the dress. And the veil that extends up to the bottom is made up of soft blue metallic fabric from Kuya Erson. I don't really know the name of the fabric but it is beautiful even for gowns and dresses I think. This is the First time our Manaoag wore a veil as big and as grand as that one.

Dressing Manaoag is always Challenging because of all her ornaments and as always, the biggest challenge for me is sticking the baby Jesus on her body! Sometimes no matter how beautiful the dress is, if you don't know how to wear it to the saint, it will look tacky! But I asked for Manaoag's help and I personally think I did a great job placing all the ornaments and pinning this and that over the whole ensemble!

Manaoag on her Altar

I have never seen Manaoag as beautiful and as pretty! Thank you so much to my dear friend Kathleen! She has always been so nice and so supportive in everything I do as we are of her! She is probably the most talented friend I ever had! May God bless her with more projects and fabrics (just as she wants) and successes in life!

OUR LADY OF MANAOAG - Pray for us!

Never Stop Dreaming!
Steven :D

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