November 12, 2013

How Haiyan affected me as a Filipino

Strongest Typhoon in the Philippines this year 2013. Strongest Typhoon in the Philippines Ever. Strongest Typhoon EVER in History. Well those are just a few of the descriptions as to the Super Typhoon Haiyan or as locally known, Yolanda. Just plainly looking at the animated photo above, you don't need a deeper understanding to meteorology to know how strong the typhoon was that hit the Philippines just last week.

Personally, as the storm was passing, the highest Storm signal that our province of Cavite got was a Signal number 2. Though classes up to the High School should be cancelled, local government officials suspended classes up to the University level just like in the City of Dasmariñas where I am currently working as a College teacher. It was harsh, really! And even for us at the Luzon region, though the eye was far from us, you can really feel the presence of Haiyan at the night of the 8th of November. It was a friday night when the storm signal went from 2 to a lower 1 but as it went down, the winds went from strong to violent! My windows are clamming to and from its hinges and I really thank God all the windows are still intact despite the winds that are ready to slap any houses walls at anytime of that night.

Though winds were there and no rain was present, I was really thankful. But what kept me awake was the fact that what we were experiencing, miles away from the eye of the storm, is a nightmare! But how about the Filipinos living where the typhoon is to pass by! Well that broke my heart! And at that moment, I had nothing else to do than to just sit quietly, go up and down our house, pray, pray, pray. Until 3 in the morning I was awake and I fell asleep when the violent winds are still driving my windows.

It was really scary! And the next day, I went to the celebration of my High School friend for her 25th birthday. Well it was really fun of course meeting them and having to bond with them but at the end of the evening, me and some of the group started talking about the storm and the victims, I can't help but cry even in front of my friends! The Filipino has been so close to my heart especially when I started to mature during the College days where I thought to myself that from now on, I will not just be living for myself or my family but I will be living a life for the Filipino People! It breaks my heart to see them suffer! But what touches me the most is that in line with those tents and shattered houses, are survivors, with dead family and friends, still smiling a midst the destruction that they faced! It was fast, really it was! And for someone like me far away, all I can do is pray and send some donations via text but it was still very little for me!

All day today, All I thought was, can I stop my life right now even for just a week and immerse myself to the people there in the Visayas? Personally be with them and offer anything that I can help to make their lives even a little better from what they have right now. With all those news of hunger, thirst, looting and even thieving, who can resist the thought? But of course, I have my work and I cannot just leave my students behind so the best thing that I can do is to Pray and hope for those Bisayas! Of course there is Hope, Filipinos are creations of Hope high enough to make a country stand up just right after any storm. But I pray that on the road to tomorrow, it will be fast and smooth and the Warays, Cebuanos, Negrenses, Atis, Ilonggos, Antiquenos, Bicolanos and all the Bisaya and Filipinos affected will soon stand up and be living testimonies that Hope is there, it always is there.

May I also take this moment to thank ALL THE NATIONS who helped my beloved COUNTRY! May you all be continually be blessed by our Lord God and may you help many more people who are in need! Froma  humble Filipino, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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