June 2, 2014

As I Turn 24

As I Turn 24

As I turn 24, we double a dozen,
As I Turn 24, a lot may have forgotten.
The places I've been to, the times I've spent,
The times I've forgiven, the moments I repent.

24 years have gone like a breeze,
But surely everything it brought will always be at freeze.
For friends, family, places and a never ending adventure,
Will forever keep my heart in an endless venture.

As I turn a new leaf, my 24th one,
Who knows who I'd meet? Who knows what be done?
For I live each day with lessons from before.
Because I know God has been with me, throughout the 24.

My Friends during my Simple Pre-Birthday Celebration

Last May 31, 2014 I invited a few friends to visit me for a simple dinner! I invited my colleagues and closest friends Maam Sheryl, Kathleen and Jayson and also some of my closest students who are now Graduates, Mary Anne, Arlan, Raymond, Jonathan and Christian. I wasn't able to invite many friends because I'm quite broke haha so I just told those who I always talk to usually and I am so happy they all came despite how far our place is from all their homes!

With all the laughs, the stories and all the food (they say it was good, well I cooked it all) I surely had a wonderful day! Though we celebrated four days early, It assured me that the coming days before the fourth of June will be filled with so much blessings :)

The Messy Dinner Table

Ice Cream!

Pictures by the stairs

Beautiful Shirts! Gifts from my dear friends!

Thank you all so much my dear friends! You all are some of the biggest blessings that I have in life and that I wish to take until my very last days! I wish I can celebrate many more Birthdays with you all! Thank you for making me Happy, Thank you for accepting whoever I may be, and mostly, thank you all for Loving me!

Almost 24,

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